Shree Bhagwati Flour & Foods Pvt. Ltd.
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PRODUCTS Enriching Indian food with aroma & flavour Our products have delighted customers all over the world with their amazing
quality, extraordinary taste and rich aroma and flavour. From flours to spices,
we supply more than 250 products all under-one-roof.
  • Gota

  • Dakor Gota

  • Khaman

  • Dhokla

  • Gulab Jamun

  • Sambhar

  • Methi Gota

  • Dalwada

  • Dhaiwada

  • Dhosa

  • Rava Idli

  • Idli

  • Handwa Flour

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Making Flavour of India Popular Worldwide

Group Formed in 1962, Shree Bhagwati Flour & Foods Pvt. Ltd. are leaders in , processing, manufacturing, private labeling and exporting all type of Flours, Spices, Lentils / Pulses, Instant Mixes, Khakhara, Ready to Eat etc.. and a whole range of food items and ingredients that are an integral part of Indian cuisine.


Gaay Chhap

Enriched the taste of Indian cuisine and

today has become
a household name
in India.


Uttam simply means
the best of all. And
that’s what it is about.


Only exporter from India processing in house & exporting over 250 Indian food Items
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